Thursday, January 11

Let's Drop on the Floor like it's HOT, and (A LITTLE TOO LATE!) Introduce me!

Hey There. My name is Reem, and, i am almost 9 in a half years
I LOVE 2 CopyCat (like i am doing right now this subject is what my cousin made at :) ) and i love to ACT CRAZY (again another copycat like my cosin!)
If you want you could send me an email at i'v been waiting 4 some emails!
I am from Pakistan. Everyone calls me an Dadi (GrandMother in pakistani lanuage) cuz i act like one! And i get SO teased.
I know i am a kid almost a Pre-Teen but i really like to act like a Adult:
1) When we go shopping almost EVERY time i act like and Adult, I walk by myself in front of my Mom or somtimes a little ahead, and i have to have my own Purse, and somtimes in Marshalls and Ross and shops like that.
2) I buy Adult shoes women size 5-6 or 2 1/2 -3 1/2, Adult size clothes somtimes shirts upto my knees
3) I treat my 6 1/2 year old brother like and adult and his Freinds.
4) (This is one thing i have to do and my mom likes it) Somtimes i stay home when my mom go's groceing (like lot's of older kids do stay home) and takecare of my Sister, Like my mom tells everyone i can do everything to takecare of My Sistter except 4 Nursing her (Cause she does not like Solid/Baby Food!)

Ok, that's all i haveto go now
Bye Bye

I posted a Post and it came down and u might not go down cuz u must have aleready read them it's called: Globle Peace & Unity 2006


Amad said...

Hello Dadi... your dad here... that means, that i am grand-dada or something??? thats weird.

Reem said...

no, so it's weird that YOU call ME dadi, and you should put that grand-dada is grandfather so people understand

Ruth Nasrullah said...

Asalaamu alaikum, Reem! Masha Allah, what a great blog. You're a very good writer and I look forward to reading more on Reemo's World! Jazak Allah khair.

Ramsha said...

Masha Allah Reem,
When i saw you at the party you were very respectful and when i saw your blog i was convinced that you are truly a very kind, sweet, caring, and loving person. Alot people look up to you and your kindness and I'm KNOW that your family loves you for everything you do. People would do anything to be your sibling.

Sarah said...

Well, Reem acts like my sister!Right?!

you suck said...

you little weirdo, you are far from a preteen, honey. you need to shut up, sorry to disappoint you, you little immature freak.