Friday, March 16

Flight Cancled, Shaikh Yasir Qhadi comes over!

Baba (dad), if you read this post (That i doubt you will!) then read this note first (I don't mind anyone else reading the note either): I know that you think you met Shaikh Yasir in the airport and he is over at our house is not exciting, but, I am just writing this post cause I have nothing else to do on the computer nor on my blog!

The exitment is not because Shaikh Yasir Qhadi is over it is that he and my dad where go somewhere in a plane from the same airport and they met!

So this is the story:

My dad had to go to SanAntonio for some work today (friday march 16) and it was a bad weather and it snowed A LOT, so Guess whaT? My dad met Shaikh Yasir Qhadi at the airport! Cause Shaikh Yasir was gonna travel to somewhere to I do not know where... So because of the bad weather My dads and Shaikh Yasir's flights got cancled, actully A LOT of flights got canceled, So my dad had to come home and he brought Shaikh Yasir with him and he is spending the night...

(I do not have any posts to write so i just did this for fun)



AnonyMouse said...

As-salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu,

LOL, you might not think that Sheikh Yasir coming over is exciting, but I do!!! =D

This reminded me of when *my* dad invited this cool sheikh over... but because I was so young, I was sent to bed and wasn't allowed to sit and listen to them talk! :(
(I know, sounds weird... but I always liked sitting with my dad and his guests and listening to them talk... and now I'm 16 years old and can't do that anymore :( )


Amad said...

Reem, who said Baba was not excited? Whenever Baba's close friends come over, esp. when you don't expect it at all, then of course I will be happy. So, ask me first, will you? :)

Reem said...

OK :)

Mama said...

You see Reemo, all young children have to go to bed when it is bed time. Don't complaint now that you are the only one who doesn't get to stay awake! :)


Anonymous said...

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