Sunday, April 15

New english Poem

I am in a hurry so I will just put the poem:

What Religion do you Follow?,
Are you sure your heart is not hollow?.

Well, mine is not,
I hope I never get caught.

What is your religion is it the one you worship stones?,
Or is it the one where you say when I die will I get up after bones?.

My religion is the one you pray five times a day,
And you have to know that in the world you will never stay.

So let me tell you one more thing,
So listen carefully before your bell goes "ding ding ding".

That if from shaytan you ever get a whisper,
just remember he is just a big trickster


Tanz said...

As-salamu 'alaykum Reem,

nice poem :) seems like you're getting the swing at writing poetry.

take care

Anonymous said...

i love ur nasheed u sanG!
i put it on my webpage.