Friday, April 27

Valero Day!

Hey everyone, salamualaikum

Yesterday (thursday 4/26/07) we went to valero rifindery, almost every single person who works at valero was to bring thier children, and my dad works there, he is an engineer at Paulsbero valaro rifindery. It was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO fun, the best day of my life, better than ski-ing! + My dad was working while we were haveing fun :) he came at luch time then went back until we were done

This is what we did:

1) We got to learn about pollution and what happens to the animals if we pollute, and then take a toy frog or lizard.

2) We dressed up like workers and he picked a number and I guessed right (there were groups and only 3 in ours), so I guessed right and got to be the leader and they took our picture.

3) We got to make special rockets that explode in the air 4-5 feet high!

4) We got to make silly puddy (that goouee thing that you play with)!

5) We got to make lip gloss!

6) We got a break and ate lunch with our dad (grilled chicken burger with coke).

7) We did drafting on the computer

8) We went to the lab and got to see some cool things.

9) We learned about CPR

10) We got to learn about the germs that come in you hands if you do not wash them, and how long and good you should scrub your hands with soap (she told us either to count to 20 or sing the ABC's or sing "Happy bithday" song to times).

11) We got to go in a trailer and learn how to escape from fire and what to do if fire comes in your house (that was my favirote part).

12) We ate Ice Cream with everyone

13) We went to my dads office for a few minutes and then went home.


It was so fun, alhamdulilah (thanks to Allah)


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