Friday, November 2

Grandma's Arrive/So Sick Today

Salamualaikum Everyone,

[These are 2 small posts so I made them in to one)

Grandma's Arrive:

My grandma came on Thursday (October 24) and I had not met her for almost 11 whole months! In Texas when we use to live there I use to meet her every Saturday cause she lived a little more than half a hour away from us only. It was so hard not getting to meet her like that when I came here. I have been having lots of fun with her and sadly she is leaving this Wednesday.

So Sick Today:

Yesterday at school I was having the cough and a headache and stomachache and when I came back my temperature was 100.3, so I ate something and ate medicine, a while later my temperature was 100.4. In the night my grandma checked my temperature and i did not have fever. In the morning around 7:00 I had a fever of about 100.9!!!!! Right now I have a fever of 97.8 [THATS A LOT], just joking, I don't have any fever but my throat is hurting but I am feeling a little better, Alhamdulilah (Thanks to Allah). I did not go to school today because of me being sick.

That's all Folks,
See YA later.


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