Sunday, December 9

Trip to Pakistan


InshAllah, on December 29 we are going to Lahore, Pakistan! We have not went there for more than 5 years! We are coming back on January 23, so that's like, 3 weeks.
I can't wait because:

1) I like plane trips and this is a long one with one person TVs
2) We are gong in Emirates airline, which is a muslim one and my mom said they have VERY good service, they even say the dua (prayer for starting to drive, fly, etc.) before we take off.
3) I have not met my Aunt for 5 years and I want to meet the rest of the family (they are from my dad's side).
4) My grandma gave me $50 dollars and that's 3000 rupees (Pakistan dollars) in Pakistan and I want to buy jewelry, clothes and other stuff from there.
6) [and other reasons too :)]

So, you see I am SO excited...


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AnonyMouse said...

Ooooooh, nice! Sounds like fun, insha'Allah... enjoyyyyyyyyy yourself, Reemo (but then, I don't have to tell you that, huh? :P)!

Your big sis,