Wednesday, January 23

In Pakistan


We just landed today from Dubai at 8:00 AM in JFK New York airport. Alhamdulilah, we had a safe trip. In Pakistan, on January 4, it was my uncle's Nikah (a part of our marriage tradition). I wore a White and Golden sharrarah (too tierd to explain). We had fun alhamdulilah, and we spend time with our family and relatives. InshAllah we will go back to Pakistan when it's time for my uncles mandih and wedding (we have 4 parts, 1: Nikah 2: Mandih 3: Wedding and 4: Waleemah), which "Might" be in May or August. I'm a bit tired from the trip. It was a 3 hour flight from Pakistan to Dubai, then we stayed at Dubai for 12 hours, alhamdulilah it was in the morning from 1:00pm to 2:00am so we spent time with my uncle (whos wedding) and who lives in a little while away from Dubai. Then our flight from Dubai to New York was 14 hours!!!!!!!!! I slept for about 7 hours and watched for the rest. TIRED! bye



Reem said...

plz can i have comments, good ones and long ones

Sarah said...

once it took 12 hours 1st plane 12 hours in amsterdam airport the an another 6 hours in the 2nd airplane how is that for a trip??? and i didnt get to slep in the airplane cuz i didnt want to miss the movies and at the airport the hotel was full and so were all the chairs that evryone naps in

Tanzi said...

As-salamu 'alaykum Reem,

welcome back. I bet you had loads of fun in Pakistan with your cousins and everyone! tell me all the details when we meet. so your best day was the wedding? yea it is tiring! such a long trip you must be tired and still getting used to being back. talk to you soon reem =)

Nabila said...

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