Thursday, December 21

Homeschool, oh, how fun it is!

I got a new homeschooling prgram, and its aowsome!
They give you a millon books, for only about 100 dollars, and worksheets for monthly payment!

Go to:

I have Reading, Math, English (its a lot!), Sience, Language, Spelling, Vocablary, Grammer, Music, History, Art, AND MORE!

Heres another thing i found out there:


Reem said...

any comments?

Book Log said...
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Fatima said...

lucky reem! haha i want to be homeschooled too.

Anonymous said...

i wish i had that when i did homeschooling. my program wasnt so good.

keep up the good work reemerz. dude, your blog is pretty cool. I want one now.

oh and your baby sister is shoooo kyooottt!! masha Allah!

ps saw you at br Irtizas talk show at TDC. good job girl!!

Asalaamu Alaikum!!

-Aideh (aka Spana3rabia76 from Crescent youth forums!)

Reem said...

thanks, somtimes it does not show all of the message

Fatima said...

School starts on 1/4/07...I can't wait to see my friends there =) Though the teachers give us hard work

Ramsha said...

You are home schooled? I didn't know that. how is it?

illuminatingfaith said...

As Salaamu alaikum

mashaAllah i'm glad you like homeschooling! I have a friend who's also using to be homeschooled. So what's your favorite subject of all time then?

take care! :)