Wednesday, December 27

Tx Dawah + Vacation in Houston

OHH!, tx dawah was aowsome! i made so many thing! ohhh!, anyways im going to an amusment park on eid inshAllah (saturday)! so many rides! tthen on sunday im going to Dallas inshAllah cuz my dads uncle lives there then im leaving on 5th inshAllah! in the amusment park (thats called "Kemah Board Walk" ) there is a ferris wheel, a......... fairy boat (i don't know what it is called, a invator (an upside down rollar coaster), a baby ferris wheel, a bouncer (my favirote), a train, baby airplanes, a sumbarine ride (dose not go underwater) , some helicopters that go high and swing around (another favirote), (ok this has been in Draft for a LONG time, now today is EID, im about to go to Kemah,, inshAllah)..... so many games its like a fair theres so many things like Rastraunts, Shops, Games, Rides, PlayGround, AND MORE!
And anywas im wearing at EID maroon shalwar kameez, chooria (bangles), pretty Neclace, and huge Earings!
i wanna tell my mom to HURRY UP so we can go si i will stop typing


Fatima said...

LUCKY! I love Kemah. Ride the scary stuff. Oh yeah, and read my blog.

Amad said...

didn't we have fun in houston reemo??? that was aowsome

Reem said...

yup baba

Reem said...

did you send that message while we were in Houston if yes then why??

Sarah said...

Reem the inverter is so not scary! neither is the ferris furry! I love them both!