Saturday, February 10

BBBrain PPPop (actully, it is called, Brain Pop :)

Hey There everyone, What's Up?!

OK, So this is talking about Brain Pop, So i will tell you what that is:

It is a REALLY nice website, but you can only get 14 day free trial, and after that, I think it is cheap... It has, Sience, Math, Social Studies, English, Health, Arts & Music, Technology, etc. It is so cool, My mom is thinking and we are 80% sure she will buy it for us... Here it is: Brain Pop!



Anonymous said...

if u post something interesting, we'll comment... people dont comment for the sake of commenting...

so put something fun, and u'll get ppl to write something in return.

Reem said...



Anonymous said...

anonymous, that was kinda 'not nice' to say that...i think her blog is pretty cool for a 9 year old and I would like to comment for the sake of commenting! Ha!

-Another Anonymous