Friday, February 16

WooHoo!!! + Finally, but not what I was expecting

Ok, So I was expecting lots of snow, but not a snow storm in Newark DE, even if it was a snow storm then I would expect it to be soft but it is ice, but at least we can slide with the thing my dad got us outside... I wanted to take some pictures and show you cuz i cannot explaion but it is too dark it is 10:30 PM right now, and I am a bit tierd (u know I am awake cuz tomorrow is Saturday/Weekend) so InshAllah I will take the pic tomorrow morning.

So tomorrow InshAllah I will take pictures and edit this post and InshAllah even right more si it is intresting and I get more comments! REALLY, I need more comments...

Signed: ~Reem~


illuminatingfaith said...

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah lil sis,

InshaAllah you're well. Wow, I heard the East coast got a lot of snow this time! Did you hear about how that Pennsylvania highway was blocked all day? That must've been horrible.

Alhamdulillah here we don't get snow storms, but in certain parts of California there are skiing/snowboarding spots.

take care! =)

illuminatingfaith said...

p.s. just recently I found out from your mom's blog that you've memorized the entire Qur'an! mashaAllah tabaarak Allah, I'm so proud of you. it's one of my life goal's to memorize the Qur'an as well, it's such a noble thing.

but one question: how do you revise surahs you've already memorized? do you have any tips, in general, to memorize/revise Qur'an? so what was the easiest and hardest surah for you to memorize?

so far for me, i think the hardest was surah Qalam because it's pretty long and the easiest...well, Juz Amma is pretty easy mashaAllah. I'm working backwards and currently on Surah hashr so please keep me in your du'as!! =)

(sorry that had nothing to do with your post!!)

Reem said...
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Reem said...

I think right now the only question i can anwser is this: When I was memorizeing it Surah Yousuf was the hardest surah becuz i did not know arabic and it had hard words but now it is the easiest cuz i know arabic and the whole Surah Yousuf is a Story!


I will ask me dad to anwser the other questions, + , if I am anwsering ur question too late then sorry cuz i did not check me blgo 4 a long time