Saturday, May 5

A MoonWalk Party!

Hey There everyone, salamualaikum,

No post so long,

Anyways, InshAllah, we are getting a party tomorrow (may 06) from 12:00 PM-7:00 PM! And guess what we will be renting a moonwalk:

In the beginning as you see there is an obticale course, after you pass that there is rockclimbing and on the other side a slide, when you land with the slide you land in a jumping area!

And I will tell you about the party after it finishes inshAllah...



Our Party is for:

me and my brother are getting it for Quraan memorization and revision

Jana (baby sis ter): I DO NOT KNOW! :)


Anonymous said...

so was it fun... it sure looks fun

AnonyMouse said...

Ooooh, nice, masha'Allah!
Man... I wish I wasn't too big for those moonwalk thingies... they're soooo much fun!!! :)

illuminatingfaith said...

As salaamu alaikum Reem!

Mubarak on you and your brother's tremendous accomplishment!! You really deserve it mashaAllah! :)

Yeah...those things are sooo fun. I feel like going to Chuckee Cheese's now! :D LOL.

take care. ;)

Sarah said...

Hey!Reemo, I wish I was in Delaware with you.It is a real bummer I am not. Right?

Sarah said...

That things looks like some good fun.

Reem said...

NO sarah, i wanna be back in houston TX i only got 2 friends here and it's no fun I want nanu (grandma) mamu (uncle) etc. waaaaaaa

Sarah said...

oh real bummered out arent u.that thing looks excpensive ,too.