Monday, September 3

An awesome place for Vacation, Vermont (get it? V & V)

Salam everybody..

This week we were in Vermont (from Tuesday-Sunday night), it was an 9 hour drive including stopping (bathroom, food, etc.) but I would have enjoyed it a lot if it were not for my allergies (check out this- Allergies ) I have been looking like a red plum for the whole week, EVEN NOW- thats because I am allergic to plants like the link up there, so Vermont haslots of plants -full of nature- so I have been having allergies threw out the whole vacation :( , so NO, i did not enjoy it (at least not that much), but I am thankful our dad took us there... I have been on Medication too, 4 of them-FOUR!!!!!!!!! benedryl, zyrtag, some other one, and steroids-which is helping a little... My brother keeps saying I am ugly, so my dad said even when i do not have allergies I am cuter than him, cause he pulled out some of his hair that made a hole in his head - which of course makes him look weird... seasons pass inn is the hotel we stayed in, and I even have a T-shirt with a picture like that.




rida said...

i hope you have fun


rida said...
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Anonymous said...

dang u most be loaded with money richfreak