Sunday, October 14

Starting School

Salamualaikum everyone...

I started school for the fist time ever in september!!! I WAS so excited, unlike now I just realized how hard it is to go to school! I go to school in Pensilvainia so it is a 1 - 1 in a half hour ride and so I have to wake up at about 6 AM and then I have to be ready by 6:45 and then my dad take me to this sisters house and she takes me and her kids to the school, she lives like half a hour from us, like she is between us and the school, and then school finshes at 3:15 PM and the sister takes me back to her house and my dad or mom pick me up from there, by the time I get home it's 5:00 PM!! Then I eat something and i have to study my Qur'an revision for 2 hours so I am done by about 8:00 then I have to do my homework which is a lot so it takes me a hour then by 9:30 I have to be asleep!!! I barley get any free time except for the weekends and the days I finish my lesson early. My school has Uniforms and it go's up to 6th grade, 3rd grade and up have to wear long sleeves and a hijab.



rida said...

Cool.I wish in my school i could wear hijab.

Anonymous said...

u know this is ur first time going to school thats pathetic